Kloofs Caravan Park Terms and Conditions

The following will be emailed to your as part of your booking confirmation as well.


Arrival time is after 12.00 and departure before 11.00 am. Should you wish to deviate from these times please telephone a few days before arrival so that we can advise. Upon arrival at the park please report to Reception where our friendly staff will meet you and be happy to do everything they can to help you to settle in.


Your booking entitles you to the use of a pitch allocated by us at our discretion on our Park for the duration of the booking. Whilst your booking does not guarantee you a particular pitch, it will be of the type (Grass, Grass Grid, Stone Grid or Tarmac), size (Large, Standard or Small) and services (Fully Serviced, Electric and Water, Water Only or Un-Serviced) that you booked.


To secure your booking, a deposit must be paid at the time of booking. The balance of your booking must be paid for in full 2 weeks prior to arrival. A reminder to pay the remainder of your balance will be sent to you 3 weeks prior to your arrival date, followed by an Overdue Reminder 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Should your payment not be received within a further 7 days your booking may be cancelled.


Should your booking need to be cancelled either by Kloofs or yourself, any fees paid towards your booking will be subject to our Refund Policy which is detailed below.


After sales, our complaints policy & guarantee

We would hope to satisfy any request you make but cannot guarantee to do so. If you are not happy about the service you receive from us please tell the Reception Team and we will try to resolve your concern. Your statutory rights are not affected by doing so. If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Reception Team and we will be only too pleased to help you.


Whilst on site you will be expected to comply with our Touring Park Rules. These are detailed below.


Touring Park Rules


1.      Arrival & Departure Times – The normal Arrival Time is 12pm, and departure is 11am, unless by prior arrangement.


2.      Late Arrivals should park in the Late Night Bay and report to Reception the next morning, at 9.00am


3.      All visitors must REPORT to Reception on arrival. If closed please follow instructions posted.


4.      Waterwater is a very expensive commodity – do not waste it. Do not wash cars or caravans on site. Children MUST NOT use the taps. Children and pets are not to play near the tap positions. All water is drinking water and is metered.


5.      Electricity - Electric hook-up points are 10 amp rated. It is unlikely that a modern domestic kettle or electric fan fire will work successfully.


6.      Plants and Trees – Plants and Trees must not be touched or disturbed. Children and Dogs are not to go through the rows or beds.


7.      Dogs – Dogs must be kept on leads at all times whilst on the Park. Always clean up after your pets - wrap it up first and put it in the bins provided. Dogs must not be left unattended.


8.      Vehicles – The Speed Limit is 10 mph and this must not be exceeded. Vehicles must be driven with care at all times, and be legally allowed to be driven on roads. Only one vehicle per pitch is allowed to be parked on the touring field. There is car parking near Reception for additional cars. Commercial vehicles are not allowed on the touring field other than for loading/unloading.


9.      Litter – Litter is to be disposed of responsibly. Please first WRAP rubbish in old bags and then dispose into dustbins distributed around the site or in the large bins behind Reception. Kloofs Caravan Park operates a recycling policy. Therefore please Recycle waste in the bins around the site, or use the appropriate bins behind Reception. 


10.  Open Fires are forbidden.  BBQs are allowed, but not on the grass. Please use the brick built BBQ stands provided on most pitches. For pitches without BBQ stands, please ask in reception for something to protect the grass if required. Do not break any trees, or attempt to burn them. Please ensure all BBQ remains are disposed of safely in the allocated area provided in the bin units around the site. Do not dispose of remains in the hedgerows or the main rubbish bins as this poses a FIRE risk.


11.  Smoking is not permitted in any building, specifically, but not limited to, the shop, campers lounge, toilets, showers, kitchen or laundry.


12.  Pets are not allowed in shop, campers lounge, toilets, showers, kitchen or laundry. Pets are allowed in the bottom service cabin to use the pet shower.


13.  Clothes/laundry lines are not allowed on the touring field


14.  Ball Games or other throwing games are not allowed around units.  There is a designated area for ball games; dogs are NOT permitted in this area.


15.  Children under 7 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible person when visiting the toilets and showers, the launderette or washing up area. Children will not be permitted to be a nuisance, annoy, or loiter around other campers units. It is solely the parent’s responsibility to supervise their children when playing near or on the play equipment.


16.  Groundsheets must be lifted every third day.


17.  Chemical Toilets and wastewater must be emptied in the designated area provided.


18.  Musical instruments, TV's, radios, etc., must not be used to the annoyance of others around the park. All noise must be silenced by 10.00 pm.


19.  Quiet Hours are from 10.00pm to 7.00am.


20.  Air Conditioning Units and Generators are not permitted on the park.


21.  Shop hours are 8am to 7pm in the Summer Season (mid-March to mid-September). Then 9am to 4pm during the Winter Season. Please note the shop is not open outside these hours.


22.  Firearms, guns, pistols, catapults and other offensive weapons are strictly forbidden at Kloofs.


23.  Facilities - during the winter season, not all facilities will be available. Please enquire at time of booking.


24.  Bicycles and Scooters must be ridden with due care and attention so as to not have an accident or cause an accident or damage with other visitors, vehicles, units or property. Specifically they must not be ridden at speed, particularly down the hill to the touring park.


25.  Emergency Services can be called via reception, the payphone in the campers lounge or private phone. In ALL cases, Kloofs Reception should be notified immediately so the appropriate support and direction can be provided when the Services arrive.


26.  Departure - At the end of your stay, please ensure you take all belongings with you and vacate the pitch by 11am. All rubbish is to be disposed of in the bids provided. You are not permitted to leave or dispose of non-domestic items such as furniture, wind breaks and BBQ’s.


27.  Caravans are not to be serviced or repaired on the pitch. Arrangements are to be made through the Reception Team to have the Caravan located elsewhere for the duration of the work.


28.  Departure - Anything left behind (including your caravan, any awning, tent or vehicle) may be disposed of by us. We will give you 14 days’ written notice of our intention to do so using the last postal or email address you have given us, unless in our reasonable view the goods you have left have a total value of less than £100 in which case we will not give you notice and may dispose of the goods immediately. We will account to you for the proceeds of any sale, less our reasonable expenses. Kloofs Caravan Park will not have any other responsibility for anything that has been left behind.


29.  Kloofs Management do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to person or property by visitors to the Park, whether arising from accident, theft or otherwise, unless this has been caused by our negligence.


30.  Admission is by permission of the Owners.  No person under the age of 18 is allowed to camp on the Park unless accompanied by a responsible adult over that age. The Owners reserve the absolute right to refuse admission to any person. All persons under the age of 18 are the total responsibility of accompanying parents or adults and must be supervised at all times whilst at Kloofs.


31.  Behaviour - All our visitors must adopt the following standards of behavior for themselves and their party:


·         To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards anyone visiting, using or working on your caravan or the park including us, our staff, other customers of ours and users of other caravans and accommodation.


·         To supervise children properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.


·         Not to:


o   commit any criminal offence at the Park or use your caravan in connection with any criminal activity.


o   commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance.


o   use fireworks.


o   keep or carry any firearm or any other weapon at the Park.


o   use any unlawful drugs.


o   create undue noise or disturbance.


o   carry on any trade or business at the park.


o   permit anyone who is to your knowledge on the Violent and Sex Offender Register (or any register which succeeds this) to use or visit the caravan or park.


32.  Park Rule Breach - If you or any member of your party is in serious breach of your obligations under these Rules and the breach is capable of remedy, we will give you a formal written warning, specifying the breach and asking you to remedy the breach within a reasonable and specified time.  If the breach is not capable of remedy or you fail to remedy it as required, then we may require you to leave the park on such notice (if any) as is reasonable in the circumstances. No refund will be due if you are required to leave the park.


33.  The Owners reserve the right to vary these regulations.


Kloofs Caravan Park Refund Policy


From time to time, unfortunately there are situations where a stay at Kloofs Carvan Park cannot be taken up as planned, or it has been terminated prematurely. In these instances, the following will apply:


Cancellation or Curtailment by Kloofs Caravan Park


Cancellation by Kloofs Caravan Park


Should Kloofs Caravan Park cancel a booking before your arrival date, you will be entitled to a full refund on the cost of your booking. Kloofs Caravan Park will not be liable for any other costs associated to the booking.



Curtailment of a booking by Kloofs Caravan Park


Should the situation arise where Kloofs Caravan Park has to terminate a booking during the stay for breach of the booking agreement, terms and conditions or park rules, then there will be no refund payable against the unused part of your stay.


Customer Cancellation, Curtailment or Payment Default


Non-payment of booking fees by due date


Bookings are to be paid for in full 2 weeks prior to arrival. Kloofs Caravan Park will send a reminder out to you 3 weeks prior to arrival and then a further overdue letter at 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Should full payment not be forthcoming and no agreement with Kloofs Caravan Park agreed then your fees will be forfeited and no refund will be due.


Customer cancellation prior to arrival


Unfortunately there are occasions where stays have to be cancelled prior to arrival. You will have no right to a refund. However, the fees may be transferred to a subsequent booking which starts in the same calendar year. We recommend that you consider appropriate travel insurance.


Customer curtailment of a booking


Should it be necessary to curtail your stay at Kloofs Caravan Park, please notify the Reception Team prior to your departure as retrospective notification may impact any outcome if it means we are not able to investigate the circumstances leading to the cancellation.


The remaining fees on the booking may always be transferred to a subsequent booking which starts in the same calendar year.


Additionally, if you have curtailed your booking because we are in breach of our contract with you and we have not been able to resolve that breach, we will offer a full refund.


Payment of Refunds


All refunds will be made in the same way that the booking was paid for. For non-card refunds, it will be in cash if in person or via a cheque if remote. Card refunds must be made to the card that the booking was originally paid for with.


Statutory Rights


This refunds policy does not affect your statutory rights.


Kloofs Caravan Park Directions & Towing Advice


IF TOWING: Please read our guidance notes below regarding approaching Kloofs along some of our local narrow lanes.


Contact Details

Address: Kloofs Caravan Park, Sandhurst Lane, Whydown, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, TN39 4RG

OS Map 199, ref 707091

GPS coordinates: Latitude:50.85639 Longitude:0.42362

E-mail: camping@kloofs.com

Telephone: 01424 842 839


How to find us

Bexhill is on the south coast, 11 miles from Eastbourne, 6 miles from Battle and 8 miles from Hastings. Whydown is North West of Bexhill, the nearest village is Little Common, on the edge of Bexhill, and situated in rural East Sussex only 1.5 miles from the Blue Ribbon Awarded pebble beach of Cooden.

Sat Nav Note: If you are a large vehicle or long tower and using a Sat Nav system we advise you to enter our 'post code' and not 'Sandhurst Lane'. We are led to believe that the lane name will take you to 'Barnholm Road' end of the lane and therefore, you would have to negotiate several tight bends; the post code end is an open approach.

By road from the NORTH:

From London, M25 Dartford Bridge. Cross the bridge and leave the M25 at junction 5 for the A21 South. Continue south, 20 miles passing Robertsbridge and when arriving at John's Cross roundabout, turn right onto the A2100 to Battle. On entering Battle at the small roundabout turn right and head towards Bexhill. Shortly after passing the Squirrel Pub on the left hand side, turn left to Bexhill. Pass through the village of Catsfield and into Ninfield. At the T junction (Kings Arms pub in front of you) turn left towards Bexhill. One mile from the Pub turn right into Peartree Lane and continue down the lane to the crossroads, then turn right into Whydown Road and proceed 300 yds, Sandhurst Lane is on the left, 300 metres along the Lane on the right is KLOOFS CARAVAN PARK.

For larger towing units and those drivers wanting an easier drive there is a 2 mile detour. Follow directions as above to the Kings Arms turning left towards Sidley passing Peartree Lane and continue until you reach a mini roundabout where you turn right, into Turkey Road. When reaching the crossroads you cross straight into Whydown Road and proceed to Sandhurst Lane as above.

By road from the EAST:

From Hastings take the A259 towards Bexhill. Continue along the A259 bypassing Bexhill, on to the western edge eventually arriving at Little Common roundabout. Turn right into Peartree Lane continuing to the crossroads where you turn left into Whydown Road. Sandhurst Lane is 300 yards on the left and Kloofs is 300 yards on the right.

By road from the WEST:

Important Information for car navigation users

Should you simply type-in Sandhurst Lane, your nav system is likely to take you to the nearest main road, the A259. The approach to Kloofs from the A259 is very restrictive for long or towing rigs. Please follow the directions below from 'the West' - only one mile further. Some satnav systems take post code information and this will lead you in to Sandhurst Lane from the North, the acceptable route.

Head east along the south coast towards Eastbourne on the A259 and continue towards Bexhill. At the start of Bexhill, when reaching Little Common roundabout turn left into Peartree Lane and continue to the crossroads. Turn left into Whydown Road travelling 300 yards to Sandhurst Lane turn left and Kloofs is 300 metres on the right.

From local FERRY ports:

From Newhaven Port follow A27/A259 and continue as for "by road from the West".

From Dover/Folkestone Port follow A259 to Rye/Hastings and continue as for "by road from the East".

From local TRAIN stations:

From London Charing Cross, Cannon Street Rail Station or Tonbridge Wells, get a direct train to Battle Station and telephone for a taxi to the Park (5 miles).

From London Victoria, London Bridge, Gatwick Airport, Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings and Bexhill, get a direct train to Cooden Beach Station and telephone for a taxi to the Park.

From local AIRPORTS:

Gatwick Airport - as above, get a direct train to Cooden Beach from Gatwick Airport and telephone for a taxi to the Park.

Heathrow Airport - get the train to Clapham Junction and then get a direct train to Cooden Beach and telephone for a taxi to the Park.

London City Airport - get the underground to London Bridge, and then get a direct train to Battle and telephone for a taxi to the Park.



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